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January 11, 2018


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It is a cold and blustery morning when we are two hours late and I am writing my first blog post---ever!  Just wanted to give a shout out to my students and their families to say thanks for the opportunity to be your music teacher!!! We may be a SMALL  school, but we have a lot of BIG things going on!!!!!  Our sixth graders are composing their own songs, the fifth grade are playing ukeleles, the fourth grade are playing recorders, and the third grade have written their first songs!!! The third grade even played the "Star Wars" Theme on their xylophones this past week!!! Kindergarten and first grade have been adding new songs to their repertoire and building their music making skills. 

The choir will be singing for the awards assembly next week that honors our students of the month and artist awards. I'd like to encourage parents and students to consider being in choir.  We perform lots of styles of music---our spring concert with the bands will feature music from the movies---how cool! I would especially like to challenge the men of our school to think about sharing their talents with us in the music room---you may not think this is the "cool" thing to do, but my nephew who is sound engineer for singer Jason Darulo started out singing in high school choir and show choir.  He has traveled all over the world and tells us he is "living the dream"!!!!!  

Have a great day and keep making music!!!!


August 29, 2018


It's almost the first day of school!!!!! Hooray!!! I have truly missed all my students and can't wait to start making music again!!! I hope you have all had the opportunity to listen to music this summer: at a concert, in a movie, a new video game.  Have you checked out the music for the newest Subway sandwich commercial?!?! It comes the opera, "The Barber of Seville" ----I was so excited to hear it!!  A couple nights ago, my husband and I saw the new "Mission Impossible 6"---great movie, but even better was the POWER sound track--very intense and full of energy!  Music does that "for" us and "to" us---even when we don't expect or realize it.  See you all next week!!!!


Wow it has been a long time since I added anything to this page!  Must be why I am terrible at keeping a journal. Students, boy do I miss you all!  I'm sure you all have been surfing the net, playing games, and messaging each other.  I want to give a shout out to "Spotify"----I have been listening to ALL KINDS of music--even some that I listened to in 6th grade--yes, we DID have music back then!!!! I listen on the free side of the service and you can too.  As we start our online learning on Monday, let's encourage each other to keep in touch, keep up with our lessons, and work hard until we can be back together.  We CAN do this.  One final note for all you Trekkie fans--Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner had a big birthday this past Sunday, March 22---89 years old.  Buzz LIghtyear is right, "....to infinity and  beyond!...."

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