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Welcome to Biology at Clearbrook-Gonvick High School!  I am very excited to engage my students in biology—the study of life. This course will help us all to better appreciate the creatures around us, understand the marvels of the human body, and realize the magnificent processes of life. This informed position will also provide a platform for decision-making that reflects a protection and stewardship of our natural environment.  I hope to draw connection points between content and current issues in our world, from cancer to conservation. Parents, please encourage your son or daughter to actively participate in class, complete all assignments thoughtfully and on time, and to study regularly outside of class.


Course Goals & Objectives: During the course of this class, we will examine the basic principles of biology, the structure and function of living organisms, and contemporary issues.  Students will gain insight and an understanding of life by examining and exploring the following concepts while satisfying the Minnesota academic standards for Biology:  Cell Biology, Heredity & Genetics, Flow of Matter and Energy, Biological Populations, Change over Time, Interdependence of Life, and Diversity of Life.  The purpose of this class is to shape students into critical thinkers, effective communicators, good citizens, and life-long learners of science.  In the process, it is my goal that students will grow academically and develop strong study skills that will enable them to be successful at the next level.


General Classroom Rules

  • Be Prompt – Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings.  Meet deadlines.  

  • Be Prepared – Bring necessary materials, including homework.  Study for tests.  

  • Be Polite – Respect school property and those around you.  Discipline yourself so others don’t have to!  

  • Be Productive – Participate arduously in all class activities.  Follow instructions.  Use your time and energy wisely.  Finish all work.  Everything has its time!  

  • Be Positive – My expectations for you are to: set high academic and personal goals, be a problem solver, help others, and ask for help when necessary.


Course Content Outline

  • Unit 1:  Foundations of Biology

  • Unit 2:  Cell Biology

  • Unit 3:  Diversity: Plants, Microbes, Protists, and Fungi

  • Unit 4:  Genetics & Biotechnology

  • Unit 5:  Evolution

  • Unit 6:  Ecology

  • Unit 7: Animals & Ecology